About Playtime Pottery

When searching the web for pottery resources, I was disappointed to find that there's really not a whole lot out there on this amazing art form. Pottery is kind of like church - lot's of people go, but nobody talks about it. This site is here to change that. 

My vision for this website is that people can come here and search any major question about ceramics and get their answer. At the moment this is tailored for kids and beginners, but my hope is that the site will accomadate everyone down the road.

Hi everybody! My name is Connor Barley and I'm the creator of Playtime Pottery. I'm from Massachusetts and have made ceramic art since 2008. I first started in high school and just took off from there. It's an amazing form of art and I think more people should know about it so I decided to make this site. Enjoy!

Connor Barley Playtime Pottery, Co.

picture of connor barley